Anyone that has ever moved house will be able to tell you one thing is a certainty – things will get stressful. It’s an inevitability, but when you consider everything that is required to uproot your home and relocate to another, it is perfectly understandable.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to minimize the stress, far from it in fact! There are plenty of handy tips and tricks that you can use throughout the moving process, from the early planning stages to the move of the big day itself.

Here are some great tips for minimizing your stress when homes:

Make the Most of Your Time

There will be a point where the move has been officially confirmed and the countdown begins. It varies from each individual, but nine times out of ten most of us will have plenty of notice prior to the day of the move.

Be sure to make the most of this time! Use it to organize as best you can, which is why around 12-8 weeks are best advised. This should provide ample time to hire the necessary movers or arrange for the planning, packing, and moving of your belongings yourself. It will make things far less stressful leading up to your moving day!

Be Ruthless with Your Belongings

No matter how much or how little you own in the way of personal belongings, you will be able to get rid of some stuff before you pack things up for the move. The more clutter and things you need to pack, the more stressful your move is going to be.

Get rid of that clutter and junk that you have been meaning to for so long! Three basic piles can make getting rid of stuff even easier – toss, donate and sell.

Sell what you don’t need on sites such as eBay, Craigslist, or even your social media accounts. Donate everything to Goodwill and other charity shops, and enjoy tossing out everything else (be sure to recycle of course!)

Be sure to empty your fridge and pantry too – that includes all the booze!

Take Plenty of Time Off

Obviously you will need some time off from work and any commitments you have so you can move, but don’t hold back with your time off! Packing is one of the biggest stresses of moving, so having lots of free time to be able to plan and then pack everything will make things go that bit smoother come the big day.

It allows you to focus on each task that you will want to tackle, so make sure you get some time off work and ask a friend to look after your kids if need be (hire a babysitter if you cannot find anyone with this!)

Get Your Friends and Family to Help

Most of us can remember a point where we helped a friend or family member move. If so, be sure to recall the favor as you will want to enlist some mates help! Getting help from others can be a big stress reliever as it will share the workload and lighten the already stressful load you are carrying!

We don’t mean just on the day of the move, but throughout the entire process – it means you can get help from those ‘busy’ people that can’t help on the day of the move!

Look for help packing, planning, and moving, and of course be sure to pay them with some takeout, a few drinks, or any other treats as a thank you for their time.

Be Sure to Get a Good Night’s Sleep!

A lack of sleep will make you feel fatigued, moody, and of course stressed – so be sure to get lots of sleep before the move and leading up to it!

While it may seem you have so much to do and therefore need to sacrifice a few hours’ sleep, it will just make things that bit tougher, as trying to plan and execute a move on nothing but coffee and willpower isn’t going to be pleasant!